About Mortons Driving School of Excellence

Mortons Driving School of Excellence is a well established company, in operation since 1995. We realize that every student acquires information and skills in different ways and remain passionate about continuing the safe, quality training and assessment that has seen the business highly recommended for the past 24 years. Mortons Driving School is committed to developing new concepts and ideas to make driving lessons and assessments effective and meaningful for all students.

The professional level can be seen by the following additional commitments

  • All driver trainers under the banner of Mortons Driving School of Excellence are at Master Driver Trainer level. This distinction within the industry is being endorsed professionally by the largest association representing driver trainers in Queensland.
  • As a group, our drivers attend regular Dept of Transport and Main Roads meetings. Our drivers are eager to participate in ongoing training and development courses. All training vehicles are late model and all have mandatory annual mechanical checks.
  • Corporate training programs are available which will entail completing driving assessments on employee driving ability and safety techniques.
  • Defensive driving courses through Orbit Training are a further element undertaken for post licence driving, for students eager to further their knowledge and safety skills.

Associations (Members)

Australian Driver Training Association QLD

ADTA-logo An important part of the growth of Mortons Driving School can be attributed to the director's involvement as an active member of the management committee of the Australian Driver Training Association (QLD) for the past 18 years.

Keys 2 Drive Program

keys2drive-logo-colourkeys2drive is an Australian Automobile Association (AAA) road safety initiative, funded by the Federal Government. It aims to make the first six months of solo driving much safer.

Registered Training Organisation (Orbit Training QLD pty ltd).

The company owner/director is heavily involved in the training and assessment of new driver trainers coming into the industry, as a member of the registered training organisation (Orbit Training QLD Pty Ltd).

Master Drivers

master-drivers-colourThe Master Driver Trainer is a distinction within the industry endorsed professionally by the largest association, ADTA(Q), representing driver trainers in QLD.

The concept was introduced out of a need to better oneself and to improve the quality standard and professionalism in the driver trainer industry. Consequently, the young students will benefit greatly with the expertise of these instructors.